Leonardo da Vinci

This exhibition will present, for the very first time in Israel, dozens of vast machines built by Da Vinci’s sketches and plans, next to new technologies which together, create a fascinating experience. paints, sketches, grand-plans, moving engineering particles, holograms, movies and many more are waiting for you in a tremendous interactive fun time that suites the whole family.


3D Printing & Beyondz

In the last few years, the 3D printing abilities has been developed rapidly, introducing new materials, new technologies, and new very sophisticated printers.

Internationals and local researchers from the industry will present the newest printing developments in 3D and 4D technologies, and will talk about the way those printers are turning the industry to a more accessible like never before.

Quantum Technology 2018

We are facing a new ecological system based on the Quantum science, this allowed the scientist and startup-innovators to breakthrough in many aspects.

Professionals businessmen, from of the government and the academy, are describing the vast affect Quantum communication is having and will have in the sensory world.

Gaming Conference in Betzalel Campus

The first ever gaming event in Jerusalem is now widely open at Bezalel.

This one-day venue, involving art, culture and gaming creation in Jerusalem, is all about telling a story in a game – which allows us to have a closer look at the mechanical story-telling.


HaNatsiv 101, Hebron way 101 Jerusalem

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