this is the third time the GFNY races are coming to Jerusalem! take the oppurtunity and join the compatitional race, making history in the most historical city in the world!

GFNY Jeruslem

The race will begin in the Arena area, towards the old city, while being surrounded in the historical wonders of more than 3000 years ago. You will get to choose to compete in the short track or the long track where each competitor will get the GFNY special chip for time measurement, which will be based on the finishing time only and will be composed by general riding statistics and age-based statistics.

Riders who will get to the top 10% fast finishers will guarantee a front racer ticket to the GFNY Campagnolo in New-York!

Be a pro – racer for one day! join us and participate in the world’s leading global cycling marathon series and compete for the coveted title – The Champion!

Ride Along Historical sites and Jerusalem Hills

2020 3/4