Yaniv Cohen productions LTD is a company that specializes in producing wide range of concept events, the team will be responsible for walking you through the entire lifespan of the venue – from idea to reality
Together, we will match the content that will serve your venue as professionalize as can be
Designing the concept evet, live music or a DJ, photographing the event, video art, guests comfortability and many more
!We will take care of everything

:Here is a sneak-peak to some of the events made by us


otto - ochel

July-August, the Jerusalem weather, combined with some good food, what one needs more in this hot summer’s country?!

Gai-Ben-Hinnom area is turning into the Food-Truck festival area during the entire summer. 

In one area, you’ll be able to find some of the top restaurants in Jerusalem that serves their amazing dishes in very attractive pricing! the food will be served straight out of amazing food trucks that was designed by us!


SHUKTECH NIGHTS is the first ever venue that brings together technological communities from the entire country to experience culinary art and amazing social life in the famous Machne-Yehuda’s shuk – one of the greatest symbols of Jerusalem city.


The first ever WeWork area in Jerusalem, and the uncovering of the Toah building for CEOs.


We are thrilled to introduce to you the – BAB-EL-BAR events.

This events will take place every Friday of August, the ancient Jaffa gate will turn to a living market with lots of bars, music and great food!

the cess finals

In a collaborations with the top players and clubs in the country

Amphi in the valley

The ‘Amphi in the valley’ events includes cultural, bars, nature and much more surprises in some of the most beautiful places in the city.

YOGA in the valley –

Enjoy some Yoga exercises with some of the top guides in israel! This will take place in the Gai-Ben-Hinnom area (next to the CinemaTeck)

We are inviting you to experience the amazing view of the old city of Jerusalem every friday, during the summer, we will welcome the Shabbat with Yoga exercises in the open breeze.

This is an open crowded venue, with no cost, that welcomes beginners and experts as one!

Han theatre – under the sky theatre

In a collaboration with the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Han theatre present moliére’s top portayals as: Les Fourberies de Scapin and Le Malade imaginaire


בית הנציב, דרך חברון 101 ירושלים

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